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Bespoke Shirt Service

Welcome to our Bespoke Shirt service; a quick and easy way of ordering your very own made-to-measure shirt. The service is divided up in to four main stages:

Stage 1 : Log in to your account. This will automatically upload all your measurements from previous orders (which can be edited, if need be). If you are ordering for the first time, go straight to Stage 2, and input and save your measurements at Stage 4.

Stage 2: Select your fabric.

Stage 3: Design your shirt and select your buttons.

Stage 4: Select your shirt measurement choice; there are 3 options: (1) Submit your own measurements (2) Select our off-the-peg shirt sizing (3) Send us your shirt.

You Will Need

1. If you are submitting your own measurements, you will need a tailor’s tape measure. You can purchase one from our on-line store, here.

2. If you are submitting your own measurements, you will need to follow our user-friendly measuring guide, or watch the accompanying video. You can download this by clicking on the 'Download Measuring Guide' image above; or it can be accessed on-line at any point through the order process.

Delivery Time

We aim to deliver all bespoke orders within 10 – 14 working days. Once your order has been dispatched, you will receive an e-mail from our customer service team.

You Will Receive

You will receive your very own Bespoke Shirt unique to your design and size specifications.

- All fabrics are pre-washed prior to shirt construction to avoid any further shrinkage after purchase.
- Each shirt is expertly crafted by one of our experienced tailors and comes with an exclusive leather label, unique to our Bespoke Shirts only.
- Each Bespoke Shirt comes packaged in a deluxe shirt envelope bag.